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TRC60 temperature recorder

TRC60 Digital Temperature Recorder

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How to Use Temperature Recorder?

Simple to use strip chart recorders are the standard in the perishables shipping industry, and the Inkatech unit is the standard for service, performance and cost-effectiveness. The chart is clear and easy to read, and represents documentary evidence of the temperature maintenance in transit. Proper running is verified through a clear view window.

The Inkatech temperature recorder is not only a state-of-the-art instrument, but it also is supported by our full service post trip follow-up when required. The clear view port confirms running after the start strip is pulled. Carbon copy evidence of the trip is provided by the integral form on the recorder.

Usage Steps of Temperature Chart Recorder

  • Fill the integral form with shipping details

  • Seal the band and close the carton cover

  • Pull the start tab to start recording

  • Observe the movement throght the view port to confirm running

  • Stick the recorder by means of adhesive tape on back side of the recorder

  • Make sure that the security label is not void

  • Open the recorder, take the chart and read the records